Angela Vithoulkas writes regular column for The Vision China Times


Angela Vithoulkas, CEO of VIVO Cafe Group and Eagle Waves Radio, is excited to be writing a regular personal column on finance for The Vision China Times in Sydney.

With over 30 years experience in business under her belt and her many business awards, Angela has a wealth of business knowledge she can share with the Chinese business community of Sydney.

Angela's new column is part of the Finance Section of the Vision China Times and will be on subjects such as:

.  tips on starting your own business;

.  launching a business and how to grow your brand;

.  important advice for people running a small business;

.  advice on training and managing staff;

.  ways to ensure your business is a success.


The Vision China Times originated from The KanZhongGuo website which was first established in U.S. in 2000.  By 2006, the website was ranked amongst the top 10 overseas Chinese language website in the world.

For more information and copies of the newspaper, please call Vision China Times on (02) 9283 9224.


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