Bypass the coffee queue with our TXT4Coffee App


VIVO cafe has launched TXT4Coffee, an app enabling you to be able to pre-order and pre-pay for your coffee.

Bypass the coffee queue completely

This means you can bypass the queue completely! The TXT4Coffee app is available for Android and Apple users. For those who don't have Android or Apple phones you will still be able to use TXT4Coffee online. This means TXT4Coffee is suitable for everyone!

Order your coffee and pay with your VIVO Cafe Card

For those who have purchased a VIVO marketing card, the TXT4Coffee app will allow you to pre order your coffee and then make the payment with the prepaid VIVO cards in store. You are still able to jump the queue to get your coffee fix even faster.

Download the free TXT4Coffee app today

The VIVO Team loves the TXT4Coffee app and we know you will too! Head to the website to register or simply download the app on your smart phone.

The TXT4Coffee app is completely free so give it a go!



Visit TXT4Coffee Website







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