Eagle Waves Radio is the world's first radio station based in a cafe


Eagle Waves Radio is the world's first radio station based in a cafe 

Eagle Waves Radio is based within VIVO Cafe and is the only one of it's kind in the world!

This amazing online radio station was recently featured in OnlySydney.com.au - click here to view the original article.

With new research showing that working in cafés can actually boost your creativity, former Telstra Businesswoman of the Year, Angela Vithoulkas, has taken it to the extreme by launching the first global radio station based inside a café. Eagle Waves Radio brings together the best of what business people and entrepreneurs want from their working day: a dose of topical, relevant information in a buzzy, creative environment.

“There’s been a pronounced geographic shift in where corporate and entrepreneurial folk are choosing to do business,” says Angela. “Bland and sterile workplaces are proving to be a turn off for many workers and with research showing that ambient background noise can actually help people to concentrate better, it’s no surprise that the café is the new office.”

According to Angela, the trend for working in cafés has reached new heights with the rise of the ‘coffice’ worker – business people and entrepreneurs who prefer to work in a café over a traditional office. 

A survey of almost one thousand small businesses across Australia, found that 15% of small business owners prefer to work in a cafe, or even a hotel foyer, for the ambiance and convenience. So what can small businesses learn from this trend?

“You certainly don’t need to launch a radio station in your shop or office – although it would be a great talking point,” says Angela. “What small business owners can learn from this shift is that their customers are always on the look-out for ways to simplify their working day and increase their productivity. So put yourself in your customer’s shoes, be curious, look at what’s challenging for them, and be ready to embrace change if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition.

“For example, café owners who recognise that ‘coffice’ workers see their venue as a de-facto office, a place where they might work for a few hours a day, can offer services such as wi-fi or even a tailored ‘work day’ menu for customers who stay for breakfast and lunch. Not only will this demonstrate they understand the needs of their clientele, it will also give customers a reason to come back – and in business that’s often the difference between success and failure.”

With six weekly programs featuring expert and specialists hosts across fields ranging from accounting and finance to marketing and PR, Eagle Waves has already attracted a strong following amongst the small business community. To tune into Eagle Waves Radio visit www.eaglewavesradio.com.au

“Recognising this trend, it made absolute sense to me to launch Eagle Waves Radio at the hub of where my audience finds it most productive and creative to work – a busy café. After all, how many times have we found it easier to finish a difficult task when we’ve had our favourite radio program playing in the background?

“Eagle Waves allows business people and entrepreneurs to get up close to the action. They can pick up relevant information at the same time that they’re dropping in for their morning latte."


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