VIVO Cafe launches Gutsy Challenge to help your gut!


The team at VIVO Café, 388 George Street, Sydney CBD is conscious of how important it is to keep our guts healthy to prevent gastro-intestinal (GI) cancer.

In order to promote the importance of keeping our gut in good health and to help fight GI Cancer, VIVO Cafe is taking on the GI Cancer Institute’s Gutsy Challenge during November 2014 to help find a cure for gastro-intestinal (GI) cancer.

The first signs of stress come from your gut

“For a busy small business owner the first tell-tale signs of stress is received from their gut,” said Angela.

“Eating good food is important to help keep your stress levels low and your energy levels high.”

“Becoming a small business owner is a gutsy move so keeping our gut in good health is imperative.”

29 people die of GI Cancer each day !

With 29 people in Australia dying from gastro-intestinal cancer each day and 23,000 diagnosed each year, it is important we raise funds for clinical research  to save, prolong and improve the lives of those suffering from this devastating disease,” said Angela.

About the GI Cancer Institute

The GI Cancer Instituteraises funds for the Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group (AGITG), who for the past 21 years, has been conducting vital clinical trials to finding better ways to treat GI cancer, to improve survival rates and to reduce suffering as much as possible.

“As the only Australian charity dedicated to finding better ways to treat GI cancer, our research enables cancer patients to  access new treatment methods many  years earlier than if the research was conducted overseas,” said Russell Conley, Executive Officer, GI Cancer Institute.

Moreover, recent data indicates that more than 30% of cancer could be prevented by having a healthy diet, according to World Health Organisation.

Good health starts with our guts

"Good health starts with our guts. At VIVO Café we are promoting healthy eating because eating a healthy, balanced diet reduces your risk of developing cancer,” said Angela.

“We will be providing healthy options on our menu and also healthy recipes for our customers to use at home,”  Angela concluded.


Hospitality Magazine - 12th November, 2014 - Sydney Cafe supports GI Cancer - Click to read

Show your support for VIVO Cafe and GI Cancer research by donating to their

Gutsy Challenge !



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