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Angela Vithoulkas, owner of VIVO Cafe is a small business expert and 2007 NSW Telstra Business Women’s Owner of the Year. Angela shares her knowledge through articles, blogs, keynote presentations and her new Small Business Radio Show, Angela’s Business Mix.

Angela is now sharing her small business advice and wisdom via articles in the online publication called Smarter Business Ideas. 


Smarter Business Ideas magazine delivers jargon-free business advice for Australia’s small to medium business owners. The magazine is sent to 525,000+ Australian small businesses, courtesy of Telstra Business.

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Angela’s recent articles include:

What to look for in a Mentor

In this article Angela notes that you may wish to look for a number of mentors to help you with different parts of your business.

“Mentors come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s not unusual to have more than one mentor. I think people who expect one mentor to address all their needs are putting a lot of pressure on one person, when mentors can be seasonal,” she said. “You might have one issue with your business this year and next year, it’s a different story.”

No one person has all the answers for your business and even mentors don’t always have the right answers for you, Vithoulkas pointed out. 

“They’re someone you can put a question to, to ask an opinion, they’re someone you gather some information and knowledge and experience from, but at the end of the day, you're the one who’s going to make the decisions,” she said. 

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What the new NSW government has in store for you

As a successful business owner, Angela Vithoulkas understands the importance of a strong government when it comes to keeping the economic wheels turning.

A vocal supporter of Barry O’Farrell and the Liberal party, Vithoulkas says the election result is very positive for business as it helps to reinvigorate sentiment and “improve the overall mood”.

“I’m really pinning a lot on this new government to make things better,” she says. “I’m quietly optimistic but I know there is a lot of work that needs to be done.”

Vithoulkas says priority must be given to basics such as transportation and healthcare – both areas that have a significant impact on the quality of daily life for everyone in the state. The other priority has to be tackling the massive bureaucracy.

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6 tips to a great relationship with your suppliers

As a small business owner for over two decades, Angela has dealt with many suppliers and provides her top tips on how to successfully work with them in this article.

Are suppliers important to your business? Well, they're as important as you are, states Angela.

In the corporate world, they are referred to as stakeholders. In the small business world, they are often considered a nuisance, time wasters and businesses that don’t understand your needs. There have been many moments for me when I have hung up from a supplier and then spent several minutes seriously damaging the handset. It’s not a good look.

Angela states that suppliers can impact on your business significantly, both positively and negatively. You should get to know them, make time for them. They are not your enemy. In fact they can be part of your army, if you recruit the right ones.

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