Angela regularly contributes to The Leadership Magazine


Angela Vithoulkas is now a regular contributor to online publication ‘The Leadership Magazine’.

The Leadership Magazine brings together people who are passionate about growth and leading themselves and the world to a bigger brighter future. It is a platform for raising your voice, sharing resources and learning from each other.

The Magazine states that ‘Leadership is not an option anymore. It’s crucial to any growth or success you want in life’.

Regular contributors to this online magazine include:

Angela Vithoulkas -  Small Business

Iggy Pintado -  Connections and Networking

Irene Ross -  Business Coaching and Community Development

Phoebe Netto -  Marketing and Public Relations

Jay Singh Ahluwalia  -  Business and Personal Leadership Coaching

Angela will be regularly sharing her small business management experiences including the day-to-day struggles, the ups and downs and the ‘fun’ you can have as a small business owner.

The Small Business Mouse Wheel

The first article written by Angela for The Leadership Magazine is titled ‘The Small Business Mouse Wheel’ and is about the hectic pace and often monotonous day of a small business owner.  Click here to read the article.  

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