VIVO Cafe is proud to be a GreenBiz


Angela and Con Vithoulkas of VIVO Cafe, 388 George Street, Sydney CBD, are proud that VIVO Cafe Group have GreenBizCheck certification.

GreenBizCheck is a global technology-based environmental certification program for business. Their concepts help companies to quickly implement sustainable environmental practices which save money, conserve energy, water, resources and minimize waste.

VIVO Cafe's Silver Food and Beverage Certificate was awarded after rigorous assessments, advice and examinations by GreenBizCheck.

Operating in an environmentally sustainable way

"I realised that even though VIVO is a small business, it was leaving a very big carbon footprint.  I wanted the business to operate in a more environmentally sustainable way," Angela said.

Bio-degradable take-away cups

Angela obtained GreenBiz Certification and 'we made a conscious effort to maintain the standard.  The biggest change that we made was to introduce bio-degradable take-away cups.

"VIVO sells around 15,000 take-away coffees a week and I decided that this was a very serious and urgent matter to address," the dynamic business leader said.

"I felt that this would have the biggest impact as we are saving money and our customers have a visualisation of what we are trying to do."

Regular maintenance of fridges to save power

As part of the fitout we made several changes that reduce our cost and reduce our impact on the environment.  One aspect is regular maintenance treatment of our refrigeration.  We have such a lot of refrigeration.  This special treatment prevents a lot of dust sticking to the fans, which means the fridges are more reliable, they perform better, they have fewer breakdowns and use less power.

Reduced lighting and chairs made from recycled material

VIVO also installed a program to reduce lighting use, plus the cafe chairs - all 200 of them - are constructed of 100 per cent recycled material.  

"All of this helps us to contribute to the green star rating of the building," Angela said.

"By changing to the bio-degradable cups, customers have now become a part of the process.

"They choose to buy their coffee from us and are supporting our initiatives to be more responsible in the service of our customers.

"I've been able to follow through and make sustainability a viable part of the business.

Money as well as the environment is saved.

"We save around 15 per cent on the cost of the cups and a similar amount on the cost of electicity thanks to the changes we have made."

GreenBizCheck helps small to medium sized businesses with sustainability and encourages food and beverage businesses to:

  • Buy from sustainable local producers / manufacturers where practical
  • Make sure all electrical items are switched off at the power point when not in use for extended periods
  • Use buckets instead of hoses for cleaning kitchens and grease traps
  • Make sure the heating and cooling are not set too hot or too cold
  • Walk, ride a bike or take public transport to work
  • Buy biodegradable / recyclable packaging and return as much packaging as they can to suppliers
  • Recycle everything they can
  • Minimise cool room entry and exits
  • Install a water filter instead of purchasing bottled water

"VIVO is proud to have worked with GreenBizCheck to efficiently reduce energy, water and waste costs in our business.  Aside from the cost savings, we are keen to set a high green standard in our market and independantly show VIVO Cafe Group is committed to sustainable business practices," said Angela Vithoulkas.


For more information click here to visit the GreenBizCheck website.


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