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ANGELA VITHOULKAS, CEO of VIVO Cafe Group, Councillor of City of Sydney

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Angela Vithoulkas is the premier advocate of small business in Australia

Drawing on more than 27 years of hands-on business experience, Angela Vithoulkas has become the passionate and premier advocate of small business in Australia .  Her vocation is to assist small business owners in reaching their potential through the harnessing and sharing of relevant business knowledge.

Angela represents small business owners on the City of Sydney Retail Advisory Panel and was recently appointed as a Panel Member for the ATO Micro Business Partnership allowing her to provide vital feedback to the ATO on matters of the administration of the tax system for small businesses.

Angela is now a Councillor on the City of Sydney Council after winning the election in 2012.   Click here for more information.

Engaging, compelling and full of knowledge she is ready to share, Angela is as comfortable connecting with huge audiences as she is with sharing insights with the Prime Minister, or sitting across the table from a handyman.  Her unique, vivacious and vibrant personality enables her to relate to everyone in business, whether they are a sole business owner or the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation.

As one of  Australia ’s most prominent keynote speakers and MC’s, Angela delivers relevant and timely small business advice and expertise – all in her renowned humorous and entertaining style.  She has also pioneered small business tools to connect and inspire the two million small businesses in Australia today, including the popular  Eagle Waves Small Business Radio Station  into which tens of thousands of Australian small businesses regularly tune in. 

From humble beginnings to multi award-winning business woman

As a respected Sydney business woman, keynote speaker and advisor to governments, Angela Vithoulkas has forged a path that most wouldn’t expect of a humble café owner. 

Born into the hospitality industry, business is in Angela’s DNA. Through her experience in buying, building up and selling over 20 successful cafés in Sydney ’s CBD, Angela has been exposed to the highs and lows of being a small business owner and experienced just about every tragedy and triumph that comes with the territory.

And if after 27 years in business, you think Angela is ready for a rest – think again.  Angela’s drive to help small businesses is a direct result of her own experiences, her passion and because, as she so simply puts it, I haven’t finished – there’s so much more to do .


Angela is the CEO of the multi award-winning  VIVO Café, which has been serving customers in  Sydney ’s CBD for over a decade.  She is well known for her humour and no-nonsense approach to running both her business and her team of dedicated staff.  Remaining fully hands on, Angela is still as likely to serve you your coffee as she is lobbying governments.  It is for this reason that she remains so popular amongst the small business audience as she is rightly perceived as still being “one of them”.

Angela and her  VIVO Café have been awarded the City of Sydney Outstanding Café of the Year and City of Sydney Business of the Year - ahead of The Sydney Bridge Climb and Greater Union Cinemas – as well as the 2007 NSW Telstra Business Women’s Owner of the Year 

Angela is always looking for new ways to provide her customers with something unexpected as well as constantly finding avenues to improve and change the way she serves them based on key insights into their needs.  In keeping with her vocation to inspire and educate small businesses owners to follow a more successful path – Angela generously shares her increasing knowledge, experiences, insights and learnings with the small business community.

The flagship  VIVO Café is located at 388 George Street , Sydney CBD.  Stop by and say hello when you can!

Eagle Waves Radio – the voice of small business

Eagle Waves is Australia ’s first and only radio station dedicated to empowering small businesses. The brainchild of Angela Vithoulkas,  Eagle Waves Radio is located in her VIVO Café – a world first for a café to host live broadcasting.

Eagle Waves Radio’s commitment and passion is to level the playing field by giving small businesses direct access to the very best business advice guaranteed to inspire practical and profitable solutions.

A natural behind the microphone, Angela combines her own small business knowledge with a mix of business owners, CEO’s, politicians and a panel of regular guest experts. Not to mention an impressive line-up of renowned industry figures and special guests. With the show live streaming at various times during the week, small business owners everywhere can benefit from hearing genuine small business issues and solutions discussed in an informative and entertaining style.  

To view the full program of online shows, visit the website  www.eaglewavesradio.com.au.  You can also follow the station on  Twitter #RadioEW @eaglewaves.

Prominent speaker and MC

Vivacious and individual vibrant and original  are all words audiences have used to describe the powerhouse that is Angela Vithoulkas!   Hearing Angela speak is an event full of surprises, left hand turns, tears and true belly laughs.

Angela is natural, entertaining and unafraid to speak her mind. By being at the coalface of a small business 14 hours a day, she is able to offer unique and highly-relevant insights to encourage, teach and inspire other small business owners. Through her individual style and approach to speaking she has inspired and educated many small business owners to follow a more successful path.

Since 2010, Angela has undertaken over 50 high profile speaking engagements, delivering unique, engaging and relevant content at each one.

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Recognition and awards

Angela has consistently been awarded for her entrepreneurial spirit, her business achievements and also her dedication to small business advocacy.  Nowadays, Angela believes her vocation is “bigger than awards”.  No longer about her or her own business, Angela prefers to inspire and educate others to achieve this same level of recognition and success.

  • 2008, 2009, 2010 Who's Who of Australian Women
  • 2008, 2009, 2010 Who's Who of New South Wales
  • 2007 Telstra Business Women's Awards - NSW Business Owner Award
  • 2006 Champion of Champions Small Business Awards - NSW Entrepreneur
  • 2006 Champion of Champions Small Business Awards - NSW Café of the Year
  • 2006 City of Sydney Business Awards for Business of the Year
  • 2006 City of Sydney Business Awards for Outstanding Café of the Year
  • 2005 City of Sydney Business Awards for Outstanding Café of the Year


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