Coffee Cards are just the beginning! 

Are you addicted to coffee? Or perhaps even addicted to VIVO???

We’d love to fuel your addiction and even save you money with the Club VIVO Cards.


Forget those old fashioned cardboard coffee cards and get yourself an electronic VIVO Coffee Card so we can give you an extra 20% value. 

How does it work? Simple….

Just fill out an application form when you are next at VIVO and make a minimum $35 payment. We’ll load up your personal VIVO card with $42 of value that you can then spend on anything at all – coffee, food or drinks, take away or eat in – whatever is on our menu.

No more fiddling around for change – just swipe your electronic VIVO card and you’re in business.

Load it up with $50.00, we’ll give you $60.00 of value on your card, make it $100.00 and we’ll give you $120.00 of value….. 
20% extra value every time.

Corporate Accounts Card

Another great idea from VIVO – set up your Corporate Accounts Card for all your meetings at VIVO, you can even use it for catering deliveries. At the end of the month you’ll receive an itemised account – keeping track of those pesky individual receipts will be a thing of the past!

Ask our staff for an application form today.



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Coffee Cards